Is this a coffee table, or a cocktail table?


 This question came up when previewing the photos of this little project to a wonderful interior design friend of mine in St. Pete.  A quick Google search turned up this definition,,,

"A cocktail table is essentially a coffee table which is square or rectangular in shape. ... There's no harm in believing this because at the end of the day both are tables placed in front of the sofa, both are used for entertaining guests and can be used to place the coffee as well as the cocktail!

There you have it, the question has been answered! Sometimes it feels nice to take a break from our hectic, stressful world, to ponder things such as this.  Add to this break, a quick a beverage of choice, gazing into a C. Sullivan original oil painting behind a glass top, and you have an event!  Sounds like a great mental break or conversation piece to me.  

The first prototype sold immediately, which drove me to produce this next one.  The painting in this particular table is named "Disappearance".  The only public showing of this painting has been in  St. Maarten, last April.  It continued to be on display for several months. Ironically, I removed all of the canvases from their stretchers, rolled them up, and flew them home just a couple of weeks before hurricane Irma destroyed the island and sent so many lives into upheaval. Instead of witnessing such an intense storm there, it rode out Irma HERE, tucked away safely in a water proof carrier.  Who would think?  It is very interesting to have a piece of furniture in your space that has a travel story such as this.  As I continue to learn on this journey, I am finding that items of artwork in your life...whether it be a painting, print, clothing, book or furniture...seems to matter more when there is a story and heart felt feeling associated with it.  

Until next time...