2018 is off to a quick start for www.cmsstudiogallery.com ! The beginning of C Sullivan inspired clothing line is official through https://asana6.com 
I believe that color and design in the form of emotional expression are very powerful tools in our journey towards well being. I have personally found that if I have my inventory of paintings stuffed into bags, waiting for various events, that i do not feel the same as when I am surrounded by them on the walls. Robbie Puskarich will attest to this as well! It is interesting to look at this face when he walks into a space usually populated with my artwork and see it missing...lol. So in 2018, why not WEAR your favorite "feeling"? I am incredibly excited with this adventure! Many many more products are in various stages of development and design, preparing for production over the next few weeks and months. My definition of "Artwork", is that it is meant to share, in hopes of helping each of us on some level. What better way to feel better everyday, than by WEARING the colors, being a part of that special painting that moves YOU?